Leading women to self-liberation through body-based practices and healing

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welcome to my little corner of the internet, a space dedicated to our collective liberation. Growing up in this world looks like following rules, growing older looks like unraveling them and creating your own... or none at all ;)

Welcome, beautiful!

Learning and implementing practical and spiritual tools for self-regulation, anxiety relief, + a free and thriving life has been my life's work and one of my biggest personal accomplishments. ​

Emotional attachment and self-judgment can absolutely take over your life. Learning to use my emotional experiences and triggers as fuel for personal evolution was empowering and ground-breaking for me. And now I have an impenetrable foundation for lifelong happiness and love.

 More importantly than that, I get to help people build those same foundations. I teach you how to escape from the hamster wheel of fear and pursue a life of J-O-Y...and that means everything to me!

Hey girl, I'm Abby. Kundalini Queen, Somatic Healer and Mentor, I wear a lot of hats. My mission: joy and freedom in all things, especially from societal rules and expectations. I know you have the answers that set you free, my job is to walk alongside you, and teach you a few things that might make them easier to access!





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A portal to take you deeper into the frequencies of love, gratitude, happiness, peace, and safety. A community and constant reminder that you are guided, supported, and never alone. A remembering of who you are, and practices to liberate you from everything you're not.

A home for your heart.





"My big takeaway from working with Abby through Camp: FREEDOM. Freedom from people-pleasing, from feeling like I need to fit a mold of what someone else thinks I should be or do or have. I realized I tend to be a "fixer," always looking to solve everyone's problems and exhausting myself when it doesn't work. I know now that my responsibility is to myself, my energy, and my life. I can hold space for others to share their experiences and stories without giving feedback every time. It has made social interactions less draining and more fulfilling. It's time for me to give TO myself more than I give OF myself. I am fighting for me, living for me, breaking generational patterns and trauma for me, and I am so damn proud of myself."

– Amber

– Kristiana

"Before working with Abby I felt irritable - I was letting external circumstances rule my energy and my mood. A big goal of mine was learning to set healthy boundaries that supported my energetic space. I received all of that and more. By setting these boundaries, it became clearer to me what is mine and what is not. I am so proud of myself for committing to camp, for deeply engaging with the camp community, for showing up to do the work, and seeking change over comfortability. PROPS TO ME!"

– Daisy

"I have more grace for myself in situations that are out of my control. It is easier for me to own and stand in my energy while having compassion for others and what they are going through. I am no longer trying to 'fix' everything or everyone. I have learned more about myself and how to observe my emotional experiences without attaching a story to them. I just get to feel it all and move forward. The practice of Kundalini has helped me reach a place of inner happiness and I am truly able to experience the joys in my life in a bigger and fuller way. Camp Kundalini has given me a new outlook on my life, and I am so grateful I gave this gift to myself."

– Lauren

"I always look forward to our sessions. It feels like I’m catching up with a friend, only this friend always gives amazing advice. It’s such a comforting thought that whenever I’m struggling with working through something, I just have to talk it through with you and I immediately feel better. You’ve given me so many great tools to deal with and work through most things myself, I feel more than capable in all situations. I barely recognize the person that met you a year and a half ago."

"Working with Abby just always felt safe. I was safe to be who I am, I was safe to discover who I am, I was safe to explore what I desire, I was safe to share my fears, I was safe without judgement. Abby's energy is like a cocoon, in that you feel yourself starting the work and eating up all the knowledge and then you kind of sit there and reflect and observe, all while feeling safe and then BOOM f*cking breakthrough! I have been in so many cocoons with Abby and she has this unbelievable skill of knowing just how long you need before she challenges you in the most loving and safe way. As much as Abby is there to support you and creates this space for you to learn and grow she is always reflecting that everything is in your power. I know that I am the one that changed my life. I also undoubtably know that it all wouldn't have happened as fast or as powerfully without Abby's guidance and support.

– Stephanie



Over 20+ guided meditations, breathwork practices, and meditations designed for immediate relief from panic and anxiety attacks.